Train like you mean it. 

When it comes to firearms, the most important thing is training. Yeah, you can have a cool gun, or if you’re like me, several cool guns, but if you don’t have good training you really don’t have anything. 

An analogy I use when I’m talking with friends that aren’t gun owners or new gun owners is the quarterback in football. This guy can have it all. Height to see over the linemen. Vision to see down the field. A cannon for an arm. The best cleats, pads and helmet money can buy. But, if he doesn’t have the training to make his reads, if he doesn’t have the training to throw side-arm through traffic to get to the receiver, if he doesn’t have the training to instinctively know how far to lead his guy streaking down the field or cutting across the middle, what good is he? That QB will be sacked, picked off and driven into the ground on every play. 

This is why firearms training is just as important as having a great rifle like we make at Blackout Defense. 

You have to know how and when to react when and (God forbid) if the time comes. How to do an emergency reload with your weapon. How and when to smoothly preform an administrative reload. How to consistently get on and stay on target. What are the best practices for maintaining proper grip and stance. Even the basics of cleaning, maintenance and storage of your firearm and ammunition. These all require training and practice.          

So, as soon as you can, grab your Blackout Defense rifle, and go to the range. Look up firearms instructors and classes in your area. 

Train like you mean it.

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