About Us


Blackout Defense began by manufacturing parts for the United States military and the defense industry.  Parts no one else wanted to touch.  Parts with thin walls and deep taps.  Parts made out of armor steel and other hardened alloys.  Our machines were rigid and accurate enough to withstand the forces needed to manufacture these parts.  And we had the engineering expertise to get the work done.

But that was not enough.  Our founders are former law enforcement officers and always wanted to see what their world class machinery and engineering talent could do for the firearms industry.  They felt that the standards in firearms manufacturing had fallen that the innovations were superficial and aesthetic rather than functional.  Focusing on the AR platform, they were able to innovate without disturbing the mil-spec dimensions, bringing you a more precise, more stable version of America’s favorite modern sporting rifle.

And that’s just where it begins with Blackout Defense.  With several other platforms in R&D — from a double stack 1911 to a bolt action rifle on a chassis — Blackout Defense will continue to bring excellence in manufacturing and innovation to the firearms industry.

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