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Blackout Defense is at the center of where science and manufacturing meet. Our products are engineered to perfection in the lab, executed to exact tolerances in the factory, and tested for human performance in the field. The final product is no accident.

Aerospace and defense. That is where we started. A lot of shops say that, but few mean it. Boeing, Raytheon, Honeywell—these were our customers. AH-64 Apache, Bradley Infantry, ICBM Payload—these were our projects. We have not lost sight of our history, and in fact, continue some of these projects to this day. Yet when we turn our attention to our own design and engineering, we bring the same manufacturing acumen and meticulous quality that earned us success in that demanding industry.
Perfection may be the enemy of the good, but we are not here to make friends. We use the most accomplished mechanical engineers and the best engineering software (ANSYS Multiphysics and FMEA) to scientifically test the integrity of our designs before we even buy the raw material. And our designs are on the leading edge of innovation, typically involving some elegantly simple improvement that lends real functional utility. We then like to 3D print our designs (in-house with our Stratasys printer) to see how they look and feel in our hands—because we know that might matter just as much as their function. We then test cut, tweak, field test, rinse and repeat.
20,000 square feet. Climate controlled. Million-dollar machines (all brand new DMG-Mori), sitting on two feet of reinforced concrete. Our factory is serious business because we know you mean serious business when our product is in your hands. You can be confident that when we say “tolerances matter to us”—we mean it. We have the machines, mechanical minds, manufacturing software, masterful improvements, and historical record to back up our claims.
Our work does not stop with the final product. That critical piece of equipment that lands in your hands. Even after our own design-level data testing and in-the-field torture testing, we welcome feedback from every single person who puts our products to good use. Whether you are a weekend warrior or SWAT team leader, we value your comments on the aesthetics, function, and everything in between. Because in the end, we make these products for you—our customer—and it is because of you that we constantly press to meet, exceed, push, defy, and innovate beyond expectations.
What does all this science, computerized machinery, and attention to detail amount to? How does world-class machinery equate to a better-finished product? Well, we hope you’ll join us to see for yourself.
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