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AR-15 Barrels


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AR-15 Barrels

Our Performance Series barrels leverage modern manufacturing technology like no other.

We start with premium 416R stainless steel blanks that are gun-drilled and reamed at standard production speeds. We then profile and chamber the blanks in a single setup on our ultra-precision 5-axis mill turn machine.

Our profile design features an extended gas block journal as well as strategically placed linear expansion rings that control the heat growth of the barrel during heavy use.

These barrels strike the perfect balance between price and performance by leveraging the relentless efficiency of automation with the precision offered by modern CNC technology.

Our barrel extensions are made from hardened 8620 steel and thereafter ground or hard turned to size. They feature M4 feed ramps and black nitride finish for added lubricity and corrosion resistance. Our barrel extensions are processed separately from our barrels.  We then install our extensions over cleaned barrel threads with 150 foot-pounds of torque.

  • Button rifled
  • M4 Feedramps
  • 11º Target Crown
416R Stainless Steel
Black Nitride
13.9", 14.5", 16"
Muzzle Thread:
Gas block diameter: