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Lower Receiver: With the standard AR platform design, the upper and lower receiver do not fit together tightly after assembly.  This is due in part to standard machine limitations—machines are accurate only plus or minus a certain amount (the “tolerances”).  The tolerances stack up and are unavoidable, which means that the upper and lower receiver will never fit together after assembly.  To some extent, this imperfect fit is necessary so that assembly is easy.  The trade-off, though, is some movement (“rattle”)between the pieces, which can lead to malfunctions, including cartridge jams, as well as reduced targeting accuracy.  Some manufacturers have “loose” (large) tolerances and poor quality-control, which can make these reliability and safety problems even worse.

At Blackout Defense, we found a way to fill the gap without changing the tolerances.  We designed our Compression Lock  or ComLock™ lowers so that there is a Linear Compression Pad or LCP™  at the pivot point between the upper and lower receiver.  This compressible material is fitted into a new slot that we machined into the lower receiver, meaning that it will not move unless you want it to.  The compressible materials is also highly durable, with a temperature-rating of negative 14 degrees up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.  Because our tolerances are the same, assembly is just as easy.  But the gap is gone, and with it the reduced performance.  This makes our rifles and CompLock™ lowers the most accurate, durable, and reliable firearms out there.

Upper Receiver: Blackout Defense’s Ultra Precision Upper Receiver is the perfect Mate to our CompLock™  lower receivers or would also be a great match with any Mil-Spec lowers. Our uppers are machined from Billet 7075-T6 Aluminum. Using the 7075 -T6 aluminum gives our upper receiver 65% increase in strength & rigidity over 6061 aluminum receivers. Our upper receiver is machined on our 5 Axis DMG MORI machining Center to reduce the number of operations and setups. This machining process allows the highest possible accuracy to be obtained over the traditional 3 or 4th Axis machining method.

Lower Receiver Features:

                Linear Compression Pad (LCP™):

– Patented Lower Receiver

– Proprietary Chemical Composition LCP In Yellow

– LCP Is Baked And Harden For Over 4 Hours

–  It Will Mold Itself Into The Gaps Between The Upper And Lower Receiver Around The Pivot Point

– Continuous Load Against The Upper Receiver

– No Compromise In Lower Receiver’s Structural Integrity

 Lower Receivers:

– CNC Machined From 7075-T6 American Made Billet Aluminum

– Reinforced In Critical Areas Such As The Buffer Tube, LCP Slot, And The Trigger Pin Joins

– Wire EDM Cut Magazine Well

– Laser Engraved

– Flared Magazine Well For Easy Magazine Changes

– Mil-Spec Component Compatible

– Over-Sized Trigger Guard

– Threaded Bolt Catch Roll Pin – Allows For Simple Installation Of The Bolt Catch And Virtually Eliminates The Chance To Damage The Finish During Installation (Roll Pin Is Included.)

– Threaded Trigger Slack Adjuster – Allows Users To Lock-In The Trigger Pins Using A Nylon Tipped Tensioning Set Screw Inserted Through The Grip Tang Of The Lower Receiver. This Prevents The Trigger Pins From Waking Out (Green Tip Set Screw Is Included.)

– Upper Tension Screw – Allows Users To Fine Tune The Fit Of The Upper And Lower Receiver Using A Nylon Tipped Tensioning Set Screw Inserted Through The Grip Tang Of The Lower Receiver. This Provides A Tight Fit With Any Standard AR15 Upper Receiver (Green Tip Set Screw Is Included.)

– Threaded Takedown Pin Detent Recess – Allows Users To Easily Install The Takedown Pin Detent And Spring With The Use Of A 4-40 Set Screw (Steel Tip Set Screw Is Included.)

– Deep Engraved Safety Selector

– Type III Class 2 Hard Anodized

– Threaded Trigger Slack Adjuster And Upper Tension Screw Are Double-Stacked To Prevent The Set Screws From Loosening (Steel Tip Set Screws Are Included.)

– Hex Key 1/16″ (For 6-32 Bolt Catch Roll Pin) 5/64″ (For 8-32 Trigger Slack Adjuster And Upper Tension Screw) And 0.05″ (For 4-40 Takedown Pin Detent Recess) Are Included

– Included in 5 spare LCPs

– 303 Stainless Steel Takedown and Pivot Pins are assembled

– Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacture Defects

– Product Weight: 9.24 To 9.37 Oz

– Made In U.S.A.

Upper Receiver Features:

– CNC machined from 7075-T6 American made billet aluminum

– Deep engraved “T” numbers

– 1913 picatinny Rail flat top

– M4 Feed Ramp cut

– Mil-Spec component compatible

– Increased wall thickness for added rigidity

– Compatible with most aftermarket handguard/rail systems

– Available in both with Forward Assist and without Forward Assist

– Type III Class 2 hard anodized

– Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects

– Product weight: 8.07 oz

– Made in U.S.A.


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