AR-10 Zero™ Trigger – Flat


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AR-10 Zero™ Trigger - Flat

The AR-10 compatible Zero trigger features a powerful 17-7 stainless steel hammer spring and heavy S7 hammer. This change ensures increased reliability across multiple variations of .308 and 7.62×51 NATO cartridges available.

Zero™ triggers are the only triggers on the market that allow users to tune the trigger tail to the safety.  They are also the only triggers on the market with arc welded pull-weight and disconnector set screws for a lifetime of use without the loosening or failing of parts.

The bottom of the Zero™ trigger housing features threaded holes that straddle both the front and rear of the trigger tail.  Hardened set screws are provided and can be installed through these threaded holes to finely tune the trigger location and push it into contact with the safety.  The trigger tail shape is also modified to cup the safety drum.  This patent-pending design allows for fine tuning that eliminates any take-up or over-travel.

The trigger, hammer, and disconnector are also EDM cut and then polished with brass wire to a micron finish in all critical contact areas for a friction-less engagement.  The trigger’s reset is both short and positive to facilitate faster shooting during training or competition.

Zero™ AR-10 triggers are available in a pull weight of 4.0 lbs and two finish options for the internal components (trigger, hammer, and disconnector):  Black Nitride and NP3.  Black Nitride is a heat treatment process that enhances corrosion resistance, improves lubricity, and leaves a fine black finish on the surface of the metal.  NP3 is a plating of electroless nickel co-deposited with Teflon that provides remarkable lubricity and takes on the appearance of the base metal.

In short, all of the features of the Zero™ trigger are designed to offer a shooting experience that is exceptionally smooth, crisp, and fast.


*0.1540 inch diameter trigger pins are required. Undersized and out-of-spec trigger pins will cause the trigger to malfunction.

Read Will P’s review at The Firearm Blog.

  • Single stage drop in trigger for AR-10
  • Short reset design
  • Fits any MIL-SPEC AR-10 lower receiver
Trigger pull weight:
Shoe profile:
Trigger material:
A2 Tool Steel
Trigger finish:
Black Nitride or NP3
Disconnect material:
A2 Tool Steel
Disconnect finish:
Black Nitride or NP3
Hammer material:
S7 Tool Steel
Hammer finish:
Black Nitride or NP3
Housing material:
Aerospace Grade Aluminum
Housing finish:
Black Anodize
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