Custom Build .223 Wylde Complete Upper


Firearms with barrels less than 16" overall may be subject to NFA requirements. You are responsible for ensuring your build is compliant with state and federal laws.
Firearms with barrels less than 16" overall may be subject to NFA requirements. You are responsible for ensuring your build is compliant with state and federal laws.
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Custom Build .223 Wylde Complete Upper

You’re well on your way to a better build with the Blackout Defense Dual Taper Lock (DTL) complete upper. The upper receiver and handguard are precision machined to achieve perfect alignment, giving a monolithic-like appearance. And with the alignment pins, you get a boost of structural integrity as well.

Dual Taper Lock system

Tapers are well known across industries to be one of the best self-centering mechanical fasteners for critical, continuous load, and loads under thermal expansion. The DTL system harnesses the power of taper locks to secure and center the barrel. 

The DTL system uses two tapers and two interlocking barrel nuts. The taper on our custom barrel extension mates with a taper on the I.D. of the first barrel nut; the second taper on the barrel profile mates with a taper on the I.D. of the second barrel nut.

This guarantees the centricity of the barrel and upper bores while stabilizing the chamber. The DTL design delivers a smoother shooting experience while prolonging barrel accuracy by providing rigidity and harmonic dampening right over the chamber.

It also provides an exceptionally rigid base for mounting the handguard that does not result in handguard deflection, while also substantially reducing POI shifts from impact and trauma to the rifle.

Upper Receiver

The upper receiver is machined from Aerospace Grade Aluminum with enhanced walls for greater rigidity and structural integrity – all while keeping a low profile. It features two anti-rotation holes that align precisely with our handguard. What you’re left with is a monolithic-like style and design with an extremely robust upper/handguard combination.

The dust cover often goes unnoticed in an AR-15. Not to us. The dust cover is fully contained within the upper receiver. We don’t rely on a C-clip to keep everything in place. Instead, the dust cover hinge pin is held in place by the barrel nut, ensuring nothing comes loose during operation. Due to the variation of dust cover manufacturers and their loose tolerances, we’ve machined a very thin locking groove in the upper receiver. This allows the ball detent of the dust cover to “cut” its own channel in the upper receiver, ensuring a positive, audible lock up and exact alignment.


Our handguard brings the full package together with its monolithic-like style when paired with our upper. Like to accessorize? Our DTL handguard gives you seven sides of M-LOK compatible mounting slots with a full-length Picatinny top rail. The hand deburring process we put our products through ensures a smooth finish throughout. And for style-conscious people, our barrel nut is hidden to provide an even cleaner look.


Our cryogenically treated barrels start with premium 416-R stainless steel bars that are gun-drilled and reamed at standard production speeds in 5R rifling and 1:8 twist. The blanks are then fully stress-relieved and precision air gauged before profiling, threading, and chambering begin.

Our barrel profile features strategically placed linear expansion rings that control the heat growth of the barrel during heavy use. These unique design features, coupled with our adherence to improved machining tolerance standards, result in straighter bores, a superior finish, and improved accuracy.

The gas system for our 13.9″, 14.5″, and 16″ barrels is mid-length.

Bolt Carrier Group

The Blackout Defense bolt carrier is manufactured from 8620 steel, while our shot-peened bolt is made from either 9310 or carpenter 158. The bolts are batch high pressure tested and individually magnetic particle inspected after heat-treat to ensure no microcracks.

Charging Handle

The ambidextrous design of the Stryker charging handle allows for multiple ways of use, no matter your shooting side or position.

  • Reinforced in critical areas
  • Monolithic-like appearance between upper and handguard
  • Alignment pins between upper and handguard
Aerospace Grade Aluminum
Black Anodized, Space Grey Cerakote, Flat Dark Earth Cerakote, Burnt Bronze Cerakote, Primordial Green Cerakote, Clear Anodized
Compatible with MILSPEC lower receivers. As of March 8, 2023 they are also compatible with SilencerCo and Radian lower receivers.