The design attitude behind the Blackout Model-15 is simple: Listen to our operators’ feedback, hire the best machinist on the planet, use the highest quality American made raw materials, run the most precise CNC machines in the market, and manufacture the best components possible to create a weapon that efficiently blends with the operators’ skill set. Most rifle operators, in general, strive for extreme accuracy and rapid follow through shots. In Blackout Defense we go the extra mile to deliver what our operators demand. We start with the barrels: our barrels are medium heavy-weight, stainless steel premium match-grade that is optimized for accuracy with 22 NOSLER, 223 Wylde, or 300 BLK chamber and precision target crown.  The end result is a tactical rifle that is a pleasure to operate with the same impressive accuracy and reliability of its predecessor.

Every Model-15 is assembled by hand, one at a time, by a law enforcement officer who inspects, test fires, and cleans the weapon to personally guarantee it for life. Blackout Model-15 comes standard with a free Plano Rifle case, 3 empty 30 round magazine, a set of spare part, and few other goodies. Our rifles are built to order and may require 10 days lead-time before shipment.

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  • 500 yards sub-MOA accuracy guarantee with Nosler match grade ammunition
  • CNC-machined from 7075-T6 American made billet aluminum
  • Available with or without forward assist
  • Match Grade 416R stainless steel barrel with polished crown and M16 feed ramp, Chambered in:
    • 22 NOSLER threaded 1/2 x 28:
      • Nosler achieved its goal with the 22 Nosler. The cartridge is ballistically superior to the .223 Rem. and 5.56×45 mm NATO in all measures—trajectory, wind deflection and on-target energy. Long-range varminters, as well as those who use an AR in .223 Rem. for whitetail deer and feral hog hunting, will benefit greatly. So too will competitive shooters. 22 Nosler has an outstanding performance with longer barrels.Converting a .223 Rem. AR rifle to 22 Nosler is easy. No changes are needed to the lower receiver or even magazine.  If you want, you can switch out only the barrel since the bolt will stay the same. Or simply have a secondary upper.
  • Barrels are finished with a proprietary coating method in deep black color.
  • Barrels are warrantied for life for discoloration
  • Low profile gas system
  • Timed Lantac Dragon Muzzle Break threaded 1/2 x 28


  • CNC-machined from 7075-T6 American made billet aluminum
  • Reinforced in critical areas such as the buffer tube and the trigger pin joins
  • Patent pending Compression Stability Mechanism (CSM)
  • Wire EDM cut magazine well
  • Flared magazine well for easy magazine changes
  • Mil-Spec component compatible
  • Over-sized trigger guard
  • Threaded Bolt Catch Roll Pin – Allows for simple installation of the bolt catch and virtually eliminates the chance to damage the finish during installation (roll pin is included.)
  • Threaded Trigger Slack Adjuster – Allows users to lock-in the trigger pins using a nylon tipped tensioning set screw inserted through the grip tang of the lower receiver. This prevents the trigger pins from waking out (green tip set screw is included.)
  • Upper Tension Screw – Allows users to fine tune the fit of the upper and lower receiver using a nylon tipped tensioning set screw inserted through the grip tang of the lower receiver. This provides a tight fit with any standard AR15 upper receiver (green tip set screw is included.)
  • Threaded Takedown Pin Detent Recess – Allows users to easily install the takedown Pin detent and spring with the use of a 4-40 set screw (steel tip set screw is included.)
  • Deep engraved safety selector
  • Type III Class 2 hard anodized
  • Threaded Trigger Slack Adjuster and Upper Tension Screw are double-stacked to prevent the set screws from loosening (steel tip set screws are included.)
  • Hex Key 1/16″ (for 6-32 bolt catch roll pin) 5/64″ (for 8-32 trigger slack adjuster and upper tension screw) and 0.05″ (for 4-40 takedown pin detent recess) are included


  • Rail: 6000 series extruded Aluminum Mil Spec Type 3 Class 2 Hard Black anodized
  • Barrel Nut: 7075 Aluminum Type 3 Class 2 Hard Anodized
  • 17-4PH Cored Stainless Steel Rail mounting attachment-
  • Anti-rotate tabs time Rail to upper receiver
  • 4140PH Alloy Steel Nitride finished QD sling sockets inserts one on each side
  • No Barrel nut shims required for installation
  • Does not contact or apply side loads to gas tube
  • Inner Diameter of handguard – 1.315″
  • Machine engraved T markings
  • Includes barrel nut wrench
  • Barrel Nut diameter- 1.378″
  • Compatible with most known low-profile gas blocks
  • Overall rail dimensions are 1.96″ wide x 2.195″ height x 6.7″ to 15” length


  • Lantac Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group
    • M16 Full Auto Style for increased mass and lock time.
    • It is precision machined from 8620-steel with a shot peened bolt manufactured from Carpenter 158 and Magnetically Particle Inspected.
    • The entire carrier assembly is QPQ (Quench Polish Quench) Nitride coated Black, this is a specialized type of Nitrocarburizing Case Hardening that creates a very hard, smooth surface with increased corrosion resistance and low coefficient of friction.
    • The carriers patented and patent pending design features unique shrouded and forward-facing gas ports that have also been resized so that gas is vented differently to a standard carrier.
    • This results in a system that runs flatter with a smoother energy pulse with a softer start to carrier movement.
    • In addition, the system also runs cooler and cleaner, there is also less pressurization of the upper receiver when running a suppressed barrel.  The flared boss at the tail of the carrier enhances the BCG’s lock position within the upper and makes it more consistent, resulting in an accuracy improvement.
    • All critical dimensions are hard turned / ground after heat treat and the gas key has been hard chrome lined for the best possible wear resistance.
    • All E-BCG’s feature the Lantac CP-R360™ patent pending domed head cam pin that is machined from 17-4PH Stainless Steel and hardened to H900 condition (45RC approx.)
    • The ultra-smooth head reduces wear within the upper receiver.
    • The BCG’s 11.7oz weight helps to increase lock time and smoother operation.
    • Gas keys are fitted with gasket sealer & are properly staked at four points and only grade 8 fasteners are used in assembly.
    • Weight 11.7oz
    • Lifetime Warranty
  • 303 stainless steel Anti-Walk trigger pins (Torx Keys are included)
  • Patent pending ambidextrous safety selector with adjustable throw
    • 303 stainless steel selector-shaft
    • 7075 billet aluminum adjustable throws
  • 303 stainless steel Castle Nut with 2 locking 6-32 set screw (set screws and Hex Key are included)
  • 303 stainless steel Pivot and Takedown pins
  • Enhanced magazine release
  • Radian Raptor Ambidextrous charging handle
  • Timney Trigger:
    • Self-contained module is ready to install in your small-pin AR and deliver an exceptionally smooth, crisp, creep-free single-stage trigger pull that feels more like a traditional bolt action than a combat rifle trigger. 100% drop-in—no gunsmithing, fitting, or adjusting required. All components are captive in the lightweight, aluminum alloy housing. Hammer is wire-EDM machined from S7 tool steel that combines hardness to resist wear with superior impact resistance to withstand heavy use without chipping or breaking. Other components are EDM cut from A2 tool steel, then heat treated to Rc 56-60 for long service life. Precision-ground engagement surfaces ensure superb reliability and a crisp, clean hammer release. Installs using your rifle’s original hammer/trigger pins; proprietary design eliminates pin walkout. Available with standard solid trigger shoe with choice of 3 lb, 4 lb. or 4.5 lb. pull weight.
  • MagPul accessories


Your firearm purchase will be finalized at the time that you pick up your firearm in person from our store front or from your designated FFL dealer.  You may reserve your firearm through our website with any major credit card.   For a list of FFL dealers near you, please call us at 1 (833) 237-4353 or send us an e-mail to: Sales@BlackoutDefense.com



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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 50 in


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