Mark 2 Stripped Lower Receiver

Quantum Mark 2 Lower Receiver

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Quantum Mark 2 Lower Receiver

The Quantum Series mil-spec billet lower receiver features our patented Presslock™ design and technology, which guarantees a tight, rattle-free fitment with any mil-spec upper receiver, and also reduces wear by eliminating carrier tilt.   To achieve this, a small linear cavity is precision-machined into the front of the receiver just behind the pivot pin, and a replaceable panel of aerospace-grade composite is inserted into the cavity.  This composite sits slightly higher than the top of lower receiver and consistently applies six pounds of upward pressure onto the front of the the upper receiver.  This causes the front of the upper receiver to lift and the back of the upper receiver to fall, just enough to remove tilt and cause the upper receiver to sit firmly in place.

If you’re looking to start or finish your premium AR-15 build, this is the receiver that belongs in your hands.

  • Patented Presslock design and technology
  • Reinforced in critical areas such as the buffer tube and trigger pin joints
  • Flared magazine well
  • Oversized trigger guard
  • Threaded bolt catch roll pin for simple and clean installation
  • Threaded takedown pin detent recess
  • Aerospace grade billet aluminum
  • Hard coat black anodized
  • Made in the USA
Aerospace Grade Aluminum
Black Anodized
9.3 oz.
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