Upper + Handguard Set


Handguard Length

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Upper + Handguard Set

The Quantum Mark 2 upper and handguard are a mated pair. You’re well on your way to a better build. They are precision machined to achieve perfect alignment, giving a monolithic-like appearance. And with the alignment rods, you get a lot of the structural integrity as well.

Upper Receiver

The upper receiver is machined from Aerospace Grade Aluminum with enhanced walls for greater rigidity and structural integrity – all while keeping a low profile. It features two anti-rotation holes that align precisely with our handguard. During install, insert the two alignment rods, align the handguard, and tighten. What you’re left with is a monolithic-like style and design with an extremely robust upper/handguard combination.

The dust cover often goes unnoticed in an AR-15. Not to us. The dust cover is fully contained within the upper receiver. We don’t rely on a C-clip to keep everything in place. Instead, the dust cover hinge pin is held in place by the barrel nut, ensuring nothing comes loose during operation. One thing you’ll notice upon installing the dust cover, it will be tight to close. Due to the variation of dust cover manufacturers and their loose tolerances, we’ve machined a very thin locking groove in the upper receiver. This allows the ball detent of the dust cover to “cut” its own channel in the upper receiver, ensuring a positive, audible lock up and exact alignment.


Our handguard brings the full package together with its monolithic-like style when paired with our upper. Like to accessorize? Our handguard gives you five sides of M-LOK compatible mounting slots with a full-length Picatinny top rail. Even if you don’t fill this space with lights and lasers, the hand deburring process it goes through ensures a smooth finish throughout. And for style-conscious people, our handguard is hidden to provide an even cleaner look.

  • Reinforced in critical areas
  • Alignment rods between upper and handguard
  • Threaded bolt catch roll pin for simple and clean installation
  • Oversized bolt catch for greater aftermarket options
  • Includes barrel nut and mounting hardware
Aerospace Grade Aluminum
Black Anodized
PDF Instructions