Warranty Policy

Blackout Defense has elected not to limit itself to the terms of a narrowly crafted written warranty policy. Instead, Blackout Defense is committed to providing exceptional service to owners of Blackout Defense firearms and products. If you are an owner of a Blackout Defense firearm or other product and you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us.

Although Blackout Defense does not have a written warranty policy, there are certain implied warranties under state law with respect to sales of consumer goods. The extent and interpretation of these implied warranties vary from state to state. Please refer to your state statutes for additional information on the implied warranties that may apply to you and your purchase.

A note on anodized materials and tool marks

Due to the type 3 anodize process we cannot control (or warranty) the slight color variations that occur. This means your anodized firearm or accessory could very well have a different hue or consistency across various parts or even on the same part.

Type 3 anodizing does a phenomenal job at protecting aluminum. We even anodize the products that are getting Cerakote®. However, it will not hide evidence of the manufacturing process. It is possible your rifle or accessory will show some tooling and deburr marks, small dents from tumbling, etc. We cannot warranty a product due to any of these imperfections. If this is a concern of yours we suggest choosing a Cerakote® finish.