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Blackout Defense managed to functionally improve the AR platform without disturbing the mil-spec dimensions.  The result is a more accurate AR that is still customizable.

Our Philosophy


Functional Improvements that Make a Difference The Blackout Defense AR-15 is the only one on the market that has eliminated the rattle, wobble, and slop common to the AR platform.  Our patented design incorporates aerospace-grade composite into a precision-machined groove in the lower receiver to create a rigid assembly that is still easy to field strip.  No more shoving a cheap after-market accu-wedge or accu-shim into the trigger housing of your precision rifle, risking trigger failure.  We’re proud to hold a utility patent on this improvement, meaning no other manufacturer can make ARs us like.   


Process Control Every Step of the Way We’re not just designers and engineers.  We have a whole machine shop behind us and take quality control seriously.  That’s why we maintain the highest aerospace quality certification in the industry.  It’s also why we choose to make every major component that goes into our rifles.  From the barrels to the muzzle breaks, it’s all machined and inspected by us in house.   From top the bottom, our rifles are designed to be the best and will change the way you shoot.


A Demonstrated History in the Defense Industry Before we began designing and manufacturing firearms, our machine shop was dedicated to manufacturing for the defense industry.  We made parts for military attack helicopters, army infantry tanks, and intercontinental ballistic missile programs.  These were extremely complex and difficult to machine, yet we delivered the highest quality every time.  We bring the same level of precision and commitment to our firearms manufacturing.  Whether you purchase our weapons for hunting or self protection, you can depend on Blackout Defense.

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