Buffer Spring



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Buffer Spring

Our action/buffer springs are made from US-sourced and certified chrome silicon wire stock, the same wire used in NASCAR and Formula One engines, and are designed to withstand extreme heat and abuse.

AR-15 Carbine Length
Length: 11.25″
Coils: 39
Weight: 1.79 oz.

AR-15 Rifle Length
Length: 12.75″
Coils: 46
Weight: 2.18 oz.

AR-10 Rifle Length
Length: 13.75″
Coils: 36
Weight: 1.69 oz.

  • Designed for longevity under extreme heat and abuse
  • Over 800,000 cycle tested
  • Consistent spring pressure through rifle cycling
  • All material, components, and packaging made in the USA
Certified ASTM Grade A877 valve-quality Chrome Silicon wire stock